I'm Deanna and I'm a digital illustrator and webcomic creator from New Zealand!
I love drawing characters and storytelling - creating scenes and moods through expression and lighting is a real focus for me and my art.

I can be found around NZ, travelling to conventions and events selling prints and merch of my artwork. When I'm not at an event, you can find me sitting in the Manawatu, working on my sci-fi webcomic This Is Not The End; which is available to read on Tapas & Webtoons!

After wanting to pursue art for most of my life, I studied at UCOL in 2017-2019, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Media, specialising in illustration.

During my degree, and afterwards, I have gained experience in creating webcomics, character designs, storyboards for comics, promotional graphics, promotional artwork, concept art for environments and characters, reference sheets, and manufacturing for products and print.

Interests: art, second hand shopping, computers, video games, MMOs, cartoons, movies, travel, alternative fashion, j-fashion, and pastel colours.

Faves: Fullmetal Alchemist, Guild Wars 2, Dark Cloud, The Sims, Monster High, Jak & Daxter, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7,10,12,13,& 14, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, She-Ra, Overwatch, Breath of the Wild


Commissions can be arranged through Ko-Fi or email!

my art

I make art of characters with colourful lighting. I also draw lots and lots of concept art sketches.

For a better look at my artwork, visit my portfolio.

upcoming events

Upcoming events and conventions where you can find me selling my art! Come say hi!

Auckland Armageddon Expo
22-25 October, 2021 (postponed)
26-28 November, 2021 (postponed)
17-19 December, 2021
ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

10am-4pm - 27 November, 2021 (postponed)
Early-mid 2022
National Library, Wellington